If you’re looking to buy tickets on Stubhub for the first time, these tips will make your first time using the service better.

They aren’t groundbreaking, but I wish I would’ve known them all before jumping in.

1. Use The App On Your Phone To Buy Stubhub Tickets

If you’re like me and prefer buying plane tickets on a laptop (I want to see all the info on one screen), resist the urge and download the app on your phone. The buying process was smooth and logical with the iPhone app. The big advantage was no lag on the app when trying to look at different seating options (there was on the laptop).

2. Check The Delivery Method Of The Tickets You’re Buying

stubhub printed tickets

Today we kind of assume everything to be available online, including tickets that can be scanned at all arenas. So when I went and purchased tickets for an LA Sparks game at the Staples Center, I clicked through and pressed purchased. Only to discover when I went to download my tickets from the email (that you see above) there was a note telling me I must print the tickets before getting to the arena. That caught me off guard.

That did present a problem as there was no printer at my airbnb, and well internet cafes aren’t as popular as they were. If you don’t have access to a printer, Google ‘Print services near me’, that should bring up a couple options minimum. I ended up the the FedEx Print & Ship Center in Downtown LA and had my ticket printed in less than two minutes for less than 20 cents. It’s something to consider that’s for sure.

When you’re browsing available tickets, be conscious to check what the delivery method is. You could simply overlook it (guilty).

3. Remember, There Is A Booking Fee

stubhub booking fees

As a budget traveller (a.k.a tight ass), I’m always looking to buy the cheapest tickets. When I was buying tickets to the LA Sparks at the Staples Center, I was stoked the cheap tickets were barely more than a fiver. That was until I got to the payment screen an hour or so later after getting distracted by Facebook (fail).

When I got to the payment screen, I was dissapointed to see I’d be paying another 60% more with $3.98 of fees being applied. I’m used to see that on tickets, but it’s not so painful when the ticket value is north of $100. That annoying part is Stubhub aren’t clear about the
fees when you’re buying tickets

The tickets to see the Dodgers at the baseball were over $5! On a $12 ticket that seems ridiculous.

So if a group of you are planning to go to an event, look to buy the tickets all in the same transaction to avoid paying excess booking fees (stick it to the man, yo). And when you’re looking into Stubhub tickets, make sure to jump ahead to the payment screen at the beginning of your ticket search to get an idea of the fees you’ll be paying.

4. Check The Prices Vs. Buying Tickets Direct

The idea behind Stubhub is that it enables those who have tickets (including season ticket holders) to sell their tickets that they can’t go to the event for whatever reason. This means for regular season sports games you can get tickets for prices below retail on official ticketing websites. While this is great, it’s not always going to be the case. For specific games (playoffs and other important events) where tickets are going to be in high demand, you might find the average price is higher on StubHub, especially if all general admission tickets are sold out. So it pays to have a quick gander at the regular ticket prices against the tickets you believe you’ll buy just in case.

5. Make Sure You Are Sorting The Tickets How You Like

stubhub sorting screenshots

On the left, sorted by price. On the right, best value, which is the default setting on the app.

When you start browsing tickets on StubHub, the automatic filter will be on the best value. While they might well be true, if you want the cheap seats, you’ll need to switch the sorting feature (takes a second). It doesn’t matter how often you use the app, the default setting of best value is used (they want you to spend more money). Something to remember. The filters feature is indepth too, so it’s worth going through there if you have specific needs.

6. Check For Coupon Codes

This is a habit you should get into any time you’re buying something online. Simply Google ‘Stubhub discount codes (current month + year)’ you’ll get thousabds of results. Open the first 3-5 results and check to see if any coupons can be applied to your purchase. It only takes a couple of minutes. A dollar saved is a dollar earned etc.

As you’ve read, there’s nothing ground breaking about these tips. But I wish I was conscious of them all before purchasing rather than getting a surprise in the process. StubHub is legit awesome, and I hope they make your next buying experience a tad better.