Jub here, the Founder of Tiki Touring Kiwi.

jub from New Zealand

If you see someone with a beard wearing a cat shirt it’s probably me.

The goal of TikiTouringKiwi.com is to provide you with the best content on the web to help you plan your trip to New Zealand.

Planning your trip of a lifetime is a pressure situation. You might only get one chance at visiting New Zealand, so the less complications the better.

Tiki Touring Kiwi will help make sure you end up with awesome photos, stories, and memories you’re proud to share with friends and family. And in a perfect world, you’ll leave with no regrets, bad experiences, and time or money wasted.

the catlins

There’s plenty of generic New Zealand content on the web today. Everyone goes to the Tongariro Crossing and writes a list of ‘Ultimate list of things to do in XYZ’ post. They claim they’re an expert on a destination after three days there, you struggle to trust any one resource..

I don’t want to mislead you. There are going to be generic posts on this website, but I’ll try to make them as useful as possible. The difference between Tiki Touring Kiwi and other websites with New Zealand content is the use of experts. What an expert is, is hard to determine, but I’ll explain how every article is put together and keep the dates on all articles so you know how current the information is/isn’t (if an article doesn’t have a date, or it’s a very new date but the post appears to be old, be skeptical of how correct the information is).

Would you rather read a generic list of 10 things to do or would you rather know what the locals and genuine destination experts do in a place? I hope you’ll say the latter! Of course, there’ll be occasions where locals don’t do the touristy activities regularly, but there’ll be activities they do that you might well have never known about if you hadn’t found this website.

You work hard to earn money that’ll pay for you vacation. I speak for kiwi’s as a whole, we’re happy you’ve chosen to spend your limited time here and want to have the best trip ever.

You’ll likely read itineraries from other travellers during your research. These itineraries can be a great resource so I’ll continue to interview lots of people about their New Zealand itineraries. I’ll make sure to ask all the questions about their trip. What type of traveller are they? What would they have done differently? What were some of the unexpected things they came across? What were their favourite moments? The list goes on.

Remember, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, and worried in the lead up to your trip. You’re more than welcome to contact us with your questions as you transition to becoming confident, knowledgeable, and inspired before you jump on the plane to New Zealand.


Some questions that might interest you that intrigue me regarding New Zealand. I plan to answer these going forward. If you’ve got any other questions you want to know, send me an email.

  • Is Ferg Burger worth it?
  • What are the best books to read before visiting NZ?
  • Where can you learn to perform the haka? Is it ethical to do so?
  • What do the All Blacks mean to New Zealand?
  • What are the best practices when an earthquake strikes?

Beyond that, there are:

  • Itineraries from people who have been to New Zealand (interview style)
  • Interviews with company/tour owners
  • Personal travel stories from New Zealand
  • The usual ‘things to do’ type articles.
  • Other posts I feel like you’ll find useful
  • Note: I started this site with zero niche. In June 2019, Tiki Touring Kiwi became a New Zealand travel focused website. Before this, there were articles from a variety of destinations. You may well find yourself on one of these articles while browsing. Don’t hate me for that.

    10 Random Facts About Jub

    tongariro crossing trail

    *Getting the monkey off the back* People always mention the Tongariro Crossing when discussing their trip. Was glad I could finally get this completed, so I can relate to tourists in my homeland!

    • I like cats. A lot
    • Have been vegan (minus the occasional fuck up) since October 2012
    • Like trying to ask good questions that make people think
    • Have been to 57 countries (June 2019)
    • Try and keep to a decent intermittent fasting schedule
    • Love reading, but it tends to be READ SHIT TONNES THEN NOTHING
    • Hitchhiking is something I really like, but always get really frustrated with
    • Mum passed away when I was eight. Dad was a legend in raising my sister and I
    • Drink an unhealthy amount of Coke Zero
    • Prefer 1 on 1 conversations

    That about wraps it up. If you really want to know how I got the name Jub, email me.

    I like to try to be as helpful as fuck. Get in touch with me in any of the 314 ways possible today and I’ll be happy to help.

    Please don’t ask a shitty question that Google can answer. Make it good and you’ll get a great answer.