Yo, Jub here!

Love sport? In that case, you’ll probably be interested in a bit of this blog. Initially, it was all over the shop. Like horribly. Then started to improve but there was no focus or as I should say, no niche. Now there is!

Great success.

I quite simply love everything to do with sports. So why not share my experiences & opinions on sports around the world. I’m zero informed on politics, so other than winding people I’ll stick to talking sport.

A Few Of My Beliefs About Sport

local sport in india

A genuine interaction with locals. Somewhere in Kerala 2017. Photo Credit: Diana Miaus

I believe playing sports with locals is one of the few ways you can genuinely ‘get to know’ the locals with no ulterior motives involved (a.k.a. money).

I believe sports removes language barriers when there is no common language shared. Football is the best example. With a common set of rules, anyone can run onto a football field and start playing right away. Then have a laugh and a beer afterward.

I believe sports can tell awesome stories through photos, audio and/or text.

I believe top sports athletes make for awesome role models & leaders. Everyone can find someone who they strive to follow in the footsteps of. Not just as an athlete, but as a person.

I believe everyone can play a sport they love.

I believe sports makes the world a better place.

About Tiki Touring Kiwi

Some questions that might interest you that intrigue me. I plan to answer these in the next year.

  • Why does South Korea dominate womans golf?
  • Why is Lithuania so good at basketball?
  • What is it like to run around Hel?
  • How did a Spaniard become the worlds best badminton player?
  • What is it like to play tennis in an empty swimming pool?
  • What is like to be a football hooligan in Poland?
  • How do people take such great sports photos?
  • How do you become a sports commentator?
  • What are the weirdest sports in the world? (published: 10 Obscure Sports)

Beyond that, there are destination guides for sports fans, stadium tour reviews, general reviews of sports products and events, personal stories, updates on my sporting endeavors, and current news events I find interesting.

Note: I started this site out with zero niche. There are older articles unrelated to sports in any way, don’t hate me for that.

About Jub

camp nou photo

Camp Nou Stadium Tour – July 2017

As a kiwi growing up in a small New Zealand town I was playing sports most days. Sports at school, in the backyard, the local sports field or on Saturday mornings with the rugby team. Sport was a central part of my childhood.

Five of my greatest sports related memories growing up include:

  1. Watching the final game at Athletic Park
  2. Winning tackler of the year 5 out of 6 years (rugby)
  3. Collecting 10,000+ golf balls
  4. Playing in the pro-am at the 2001 New Zealand Open (golf)
  5. Collecting hundreds of sports cards

As I grew into my teenage years, golf became my sport of choice. I got down to a 5.0 handicap at my peak, with one hell of an ugly swing. I stopped playing regularly when a combination of alcohol, university and a devastating case of the yips all occurred around the same time.

I then became a full-time spectator with my final game of organised rugby being a hall of residence game at University. We were very hungover but the game was of decent quality. There was one tackle I remember which was as copy book as they come.

My sport of choice to watch is definitely NRL, supporting the Bulldogs. I’ve been lucky enough to watch them in two Grand Finals.

I follow other sports as well, with my sport of choice switching depending on the time of year, trends, TV/online access etc.

As I started to travel, other than hiking, I would only ever play an occasional game if I stumbled across something. In the meantime, I was working the odd job, freelancing on and off, and volunteering here and there.

It wasn’t until March this year while travelling through India that I realised I could bring sports back into my life more by blogging about it. I’m now writing this in July 2017 and am more excited about blogging than ever.

12 Random Things About Me That Don’t Involve Sport

cats in indonesia

Cats and cat shirt. Great success!

  1. I like cats. A lot
  2. Have been vegan (minus the occasional fuck up) since October 2012
  3. Like trying to ask good questions rather than gloss over the usual superficial stuff
  4. Have been to 52 countries (November 2017)
  5. Try and keep to a decent intermittent fasting schedule
  6. Love reading, but it tends to be READ SHIT TONNES THEN NOTHING
  7. Hitchhiking is something I really like but get bored of it quickly
  8. Mum passed away when I was eight. Dad was a legend in raising my sister and I
  9. Most of the golf balls are still rotting away at Dads
  10. Am not great with planning as FOMO is real
  11. Drink an unhealhty amount of Coke Zero
  12. Prefer 1 on 1 conversations than chatting in groups of 5+ people

That about wraps it up. If you really want to know how I got the name Jub, email me.

I like to try to be as helpful as fuck. Get in touch with me in the 314 ways possible today and I’ll be happy to help.

Please don’t ask a shitty question that Google can answer. Make it good and you’ll get a great answer.

If you want the latest updates on happenings, check out my NOW page.