I’m a massive sports fan. When arriving in a new city I look to see if there are any sports museums and/or sports halls of fame nearby.


For me sports museums are interesting, inspirational, historic, and as a bonus, often interactive.

I experienced VR for the first time at the Besiktas Football Museum. That shit is trippy!

sports museums and sports halls of fame

As a tourist, there’s one problem with sporting museums and halls of fame.

Many of them don’t have a marketing budget (often run by volunteers). So you won’t find many of them on TripAdvisor and they have no footprint on Google unless you search something specific.

Every time I get to a new country, I’m making a bunch of searches in hope like:

sports museums XYZ
wiki sports museums XYZ
halls of fame XYZ
football museums XYZ etc.

Fortunately I haven’t landed on anything NSFW. Yet.

Anyway, making these searches is tedious. So I decided to do something to help me out going forward. This map was made for me but maybe you’ll find it useful too.

I spent a day Googling up a storm, getting the names of all the sports museums and halls of fame I could find. The result was over 300 pinned locations around the world.


Sports Museums And Sports Halls Of Fames Mapped*

* This is far from a complete list. There’s no doubt a lot of museums are missing from South America & Africa. And A LOT of football museums need to be added. If you have any additions please email them to me: [email protected] or drop a comment below.

From The Map I’ve Visited:

  • Camp Nou Museum (blog post)
  • Barcelona Motorcycle Museum
  • Barcelona Olympic Museum
  • Besiktas FC Museum (blog post)
  • Galatasaray Museum (blog post)
  • Fenerbahce Museum
  • Museum Of Sport & Tourism (blog post)
  • Museum Of Legia Warsaw (blog post)
  • Thessaloniki Olympic Museum
  • Blades Of Glory Cricket Museum (blog post)
  • National Sports Museum (Melbourne)
  • MCC Museum (Melbourne)

sports musuems around the world