Having grown up less than one hour away from Wellington in Waikanae and studying in the city for four years it’s about time I put together a post of things to do in Wellington.

I’ll be adding to this list over the next few months as I spent more time in the city to end 2018.

1. Visit The Seal Colony At Sinclair Head Via Red Rocks

You can find seal colonies throughout New Zealand, and Wellington is lucky enough to have one where they hang out in varying numbers year round. To see the seals, you’ll need to take the Red Rocks Walkway (you can drive or walk) to Sinclair Head on the southern coast. You’ll pass the Red Rocks on your way, so you get to hit up two attractions at once, win.


2. Get 360° Views From The Mt. Victoria Summit

wellington mount victoria

Oh hey there Wellington!

If you look east from the CBD, you’ll see Mt. Victoria. While it might look like a bit of a mission to get up to the top of, it really isn’t. As part of the town belt, there are plenty of walking tracks to take you to the summit (or you can take the bus). When you get there, you’ll have one of the best views in Wellington over the harbour, CBD, airport, burbs, and more.


3. Visit The Peanut Butter Factory

wellington peanut butter factory

It’s tucked away at 5 Eva Street, but once you know about it, you can’t not pay a quick visit

Yup, you read that correctly. Some of you might be wishing this was a Marmite factory though? Or not. Anyway, this peanut butter factory is the home of Fix & Fogg, a great Kiwi entrepreneurial story in the making. There’s no tour of the factory per se, as it’s more of a window, but you can talk to some staff, try some PB on toast and good luck trying to walk away without buying a jar or two.

4. Browse The Underground Market

underground market wellington

Who woulda thunk a market with 40+ stalls would be under there!

Every Saturday from 10am to 4pm you can find a predominantly artisan market with stalls from some of Wellington’s most creative people. You can find the market under Frank Kitts Park and when you enter the space is sneaky big and doesn’t feel claustrophobic. With the foals of helping small businesses thrive in the countries ‘Creative Capital’ they’ve done really well to attract an ongoing crowd with a location that sees visitors to the city who walk by the entrance and can’t help but take a look at what’s inside. if you’re looking for a unique gift to take home, this is your place! You can find out more about the market here.

5. Take The Ferry To Days Bay

days bay wellington

Days Bay Beach, right by where the wharf the ferry lands at

This could be made into a day trip, but you can take the ferry from Queens Wharf to Days Bay (25-40 minutes ride), spend a couple hours there visiting a cafe, chilling/playing on the beach, or hiking up to a nearby viewpoint and returning on the next ship. To plan your trip, you can see the prices and the ferry timetable on the East by West website.

6. Watch The Bucket Fountains

You’ll be bound to pass Cuba Street Bucket Fountain on your general Wellington adventures. The buckets were installed in 1969. The iconic site has splashed many an unwary passerby with not all the water at the top making it through to the next bucket. On a windy day, the water can travel a few metres which is worth some laughs. Watch it at least once! As you’d expect, there has been plenty of dishwashing liquid added to the fountain over the years to create an epic bubble bath.

7. Walk The Length Of Cuba Street

wellington cuba street rainbow crossing

A new pedestrian crossing on Cuba Street

Cuba Street is Wellington’s most popular walking streets with the terracotta bricks stretching the length of four blocks. Along the way, you’ll see the bucket fountain (mentioned above), but lots of shops that cover up Wellington in a nutshell. There’s high-quality coffee, restaurants, second-hand book, and record stores, funky bars, nightclubs, and thrift stores. One of the newest features to the street is the crossing above, again capturing the culture of Wellington perfectly.

8. Visit Te Papa

te papa exhibit

A Sculpture From Te Papa’s Gallipoli: The Scale of our War exhibit

New Zealand’s National Museum is a must visit on your Wellington things to do list. Open everyday (except Christmas), it’s free to enter and you could comfortably spend all day visiting all of the exhibitions. The best (free one) exhibition has to be the Gallipoli: The Scale Of Our War with lots of information, pictures, and incredible sculptures created by Weta Workshop. At this stage, the exhibit is scheduled to close at April 2019. For all the latest information, head to the Te Papa Website.

9. Visit Some Of The Breweries

wellington goldings free dive

Golding’s Free Dive.

Since leaving University in 2010, this is the biggest change to the Wellington scene. The city has stolen Craft Beer Capital of New Zealand too. There are breweries all over the city now, and some of them make a great drop. Some of the ones I’ve visited and liked are Black Dog Brewery, Rogue And Vagabond and Golding’s Free Dive. In fairness, it’s hard not to like any of them.

10. Jump Off The Diving Board

This isn’t something that I’ll do, but for the cliff diving enthusiasts, this is a golden activity (in the summer). It surprises me OSH haven’t banned this, but that’s a good thing. The jump isn’t too high, but give the waterfront location it can draw a crowd. You can find the diving board here.

11. There Are Lots Of Cool Wellington Walks

mt kaukau

Looking over Wellington Harbour from Mt. Kaukau

I’ve already highlighted two popular walks in this post, and I could go on listing them all, but that’s a little bit pointless. Instead, I’ll list a few and you can consider:

  • City to Sea Walkway
  • Southern Walkway
  • Mount Kaukau Walkway


12. Ride The Cable Car

I never left the country until I was halfway through my first University, so having ridden the cable car on the way to University most days for six months it was always weird seeing tourists clamouring to the front of the cable car to get their photos. Nevertheless, it’s an iconic attraction in Wellington and the 5-minute ride takes you 120 metres up to Kelburn (612 metres long) where there’s the Cable Car Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

13. Relax At The Basin (even if there’s no cricket on)

basin reserve wellington

It’s a great place to chill out, read a book, or have a picnic.

The Basin Reserve is one of New Zealand’s many beautiful cricket grounds. And unlike many professional sports grounds around the world, you’ll find people walking around the grounds every day as while walking from Newtown/Mount Cook towards the CBD & Te Aro. If you need some quiet time at the Basin, it’s a great place to be on a sunny day. Alternatively, if there’s cricket on, join the locals at a game, a Kiwi summer tradition.

14. Take A Day Trip Elsewhere

waikanae beach sunset

The sunset over Kapiti Island as seen from Waikanae Beaxh

There are lots of things to do near Wellington you can consider. We mentioned the ferry earlier to Days Bay, that could easily be made into a day trip if you spent time at the beach, 2-3 hours hiking along the Main Ridge & or Butterfly Creek, and a trip down to Pencarrow Lighthouse. Add in time for lunch and you’ve got a highly active day out with Days Bay as your base.

A few other day trips to consider:

Kapiti Coast: You could start by walking the Paekakariki Escarpment Track, and then heading down to Waikanae and explore (or Paraparaumu) and finishing up with fish n chips while watching the sunset on the beach. Alternatively, you could use a day trip to Kapiti Island to take up the majority of your day.

Picton (South Island): This is ambitious, but it does appear possible that you can fit in a day trip to Picton by catching the ferry early in the morning and returning on the late ferry. There are two services, the Blue Bridge & The Interislander.

Martinborough: The wineries are the main drawcard to Martinborough, and if that’s going to be your focus then you’ll be glad to know that the public transport can get you out there comfortably. But, there’s more to see outside of the wineries with Cape Palliser, famous for the lighthouse and as a popular place for seals to hang out. Add in a visit to Lake Ferry, and an obligatory visit to the wineries, and you’ve got an awesome day trip in the books.

15. Join The Free Walking Tour Of Parliament

wellington beehive

The Beehive in all its glory

Wellingtons Beehive is well known around the world and you are able to visit the Beehive, and connected Parliament Buildings, and library on a free walking tour. There are different kinds of tours, and while you don’t need to book too far in advance, I’d recommend checking the tour calendar and ringing them an hour or two before you attend to reserve a spot.

16. Find All Of The Street Art

wellington street art

You’ll find this piece at >a href=”https://goo.gl/maps/qbgj3YLcDxw” target=”_blank”>220 Willis Street

Wellington makes sure to hold it’s own on the street art scene. There are lots of pieces to be found, particularly in the smaller streets around Cuba Street. Looking for street art has become one of the more fun things to do in Wellington and lots of other cities in the world, a trend I find fascinating.

17. Visit The Cable Car Museum

Found inside the Cable Car Museum

Assuming you took the cable car up to the top of the hill, you’ll be exiting right by the Cable Car Museum which is a free museum in Wellington and is worth a stop before going to exploring the Botanical Gardens. The museum is spread across two small levels, with a replica cable car to get your token tourist photo. Read all of the info boards to, you’ll learn about the origins of the cable car and Wellington as a whole.

18. See Native Birds (& Tuatara’s) At Zealandia


On the suspension bridge at Zealandia

Zealandia is not far from the main road connecting Karori to the CBD, but when you enter you feel a million miles away, surrounded by greenery and various birds singing away. I highly suggest joining one of the daily tours (no additional fees), otherwise you might walk along some of the trails for an hour an not see anything out of the ordinary. There’s 33km of trails so you could feasibly. On my recent two hour visit, I saw tuatara, weta, kaka, kakariki, hihi, robins, bluebells, and more thanks to the guide Andrew.

19. Visit Two Historic Cemeteries

bolton street cemetery

The Cemetery, it’s not as creepy as it looks. Promise!

The two cemeteries are Mount Street Cemetery and Bolton Street Cemetery. The Mount Street Cemetery was Wellington’s first Roman Catholic cemetery opened in 1841. Closed to new burial sites in 1891, there are ~200 headstones existing today and you can nab a view of the city too.

The Bolton Street Cemetery was the cities first cemetery opening in 1840. It’s actually three separate cemeteries attached to each other, with the storyboards throughout the cemetery giving you a good understanding. This is also the starting point of the City to Sea Walkway.

Enjoy your trip to Wellington. If you’ve got any questions, I’m always happy to take questions.


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