The Mount Victoria Lookout Walkway takes you to the top of the hill you see when looking east from the CBD. Given its location, it makes for a great walk that should be on everyone’s Wellington itinerary (if the weather is okay!).

This post will cover:

  • my favourite route to the Mount Vic peak (196 metres high)
  • alternative ways to get there
  • a couple of safety concerns, and
  • other bits of information you might find useful.

My Favourite Way To Hike To The Mount Victoria Lookout

Note: I’d give this Mt. Vic walk an easy-moderate difficulty rating. Depending on which way you walk down, you could make this a loop walk.

walking up oriental parade

Up along McFarlane Street

mount vic monestary

St. Gerard’s Church & Monastery

wellington mount victoria

Love the views going up the way I share below

mount victoria hike

In the forest!

Starting Point: The eastern end of Courtney Place, right here.

  • Continue heading east where the road switches to Majoribanks Street
  • Take the first left onto Roxburgh Street and follow it around the corner
  • Take the left onto McFarlane Street and walk until you come to the church
  • There’s a path that loops around the church, or you can take the stairs next to it up to Moeller Street
  • Take a right when you see this entrance on your right-hand side (next to the Bay View Terrace turn off)

Now you’re in the forest!

From here, follow the purple signs (see the photo below) to the lookout. They’re frequent enough so you won’t get lost (the trails are clear). There are a bunch of different ways you can go up, so feel free to go follow other paths if you want. As long as you keep going up!

mount vic signs

Once you’re in the forest, these purple signs will keep you on track

And if you’d like to see it on a map, this is the path to the forest entrance.

What happens at the top?

When you first get to the top, you might cry a little when you see the carpark, knowing you didn’t have to walk all the way up (but it’s totally worth it).

Head to the platform at the top which has a few information boards letting you know what you’re looking at.

You get 360-degree views, with the airport, Cook Straight, Basin Reserve, CBD, and harbour all visible. These are all places you’ll probably experience while you’re in the city.

Why do I like going this way?

  • The St. Gerards Church and Monestary is gorgeous
  • You get to see some houses in a wealthy Wellington suburb (many in the old Victorian architecture)
  • Plenty of views along the way
  • Tracks are easy to follow

How Long Does It Take & When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Looking out towards Wellington Airport and the Cook Strait from the Mt. Vic summit

wellington harbour view

These photos were taken at about 2 pm

If you follow the track I have listed, you could be up and down in as little as an hour. But you should chill at the top for a while, you could even take a picnic. If you’re planning to get photos, the morning will give you the best shots of the CBD and harbour. In the afternoon, you’ll get views of the mountains in the northeast (trails galore there) and the airport.

Alternative Ways to Get To Mt. Vic Lookout

The Mt. Vic car park for those who prefer driving to the top (there’s two car parks)

Other Walking Routes: There are a bunch of ways you can get to the lookout. You could start the incline from beginning of the Southern Walkway or the entrance from the Newtown end of Mount Vic which starts from Owen Street. Pick the trail that’s most convenient for you.

Bus: You can catch the no. 20 bus from Courtney Place that will take you to the Mount Victoria Terminus. You can view the timetable here.

Car: There is a car park close to the top of the Mt. Victoria Lookout if you please.

A Couple Of Safety Concerns

mt victoria walk lookout

Sharing the track with others from time to time. Watch out!

  • Coming down Mt Victoria in the dark is not advisable as the forest makes the trails dark. You could get down with a torch/phone light, but if you plan on watching the sunset from the top, it might be safer to catch the no. 20 bus from the car park. You can see the no.20 bus timetable here.
  • Mountain bikers! There are several mountain bike tracks weaving through Mt. Vic, and some of them do intersect with the walking trails. The mountain bikers are good about watching out for pedestrians, but they’re fast. It’s something to be conscious of.
  • The shit weather. Windy Wellington is no joke, the wind at the top might be strong even if it’s not windy in the CBD. This means pants or shorts are better than a dress/skirt unless you like to flash the public. If it’s been raining, don’t rule out the walk if it clears up as the trails don’t get to muddy. Stay off the grass though!

    This Mount Victoria walk is great, enjoy the views from the lookout!