Of the thousands of blogs, why are there no so few sports travel blogs?

Adventure, budget, solo, female, family, couple, and food are the popular niches in the travel blogging world. I read a variety of travel blogs, but six months ago can’t say I knew of any in the sports niche.

In search of inspiration, I dug deep into the web knowing there had to be some sports travel bloggers out there.

It wasn’t easy, but I found some sports bloggers and a few have been great to follow over the last few months.

The following are five blogs about sports I subscribe to, making sure to read/watch everything they post.

Give them a look and you might find some inspiration for your next vacation.

Quick Note (because someone will mention it): I did try to find photos of Sean and James on social media to embed but they seem to stick to being behind the camera.

FisherJillian.com by Jillian

Jillian’s focusing on video more than writing at the moment, but either way she’s always putting out something fun as she attends sports events around the world. Dubbing herself as a sports anthropologist, she’s great at making instant connections with people wherever she happens to be, attempting to get a glimpse into different cultures.

Primarily a football and ice hockey fan, she kits up in her Super Woman costume to follow the US National Football teams. Unfortunately, Super Woman won’t be heading to Russia.

Recently she was in Japan watching some football, sumo wrestling, and driving the Mari Car’s around the city (note to self: get a license so you can do the Mari Car thing).

What I like the most is how she doesn’t give a fuck about looking silly, which helps with meeting local supporters at various events.

A cool video of hers you should watch is from the opening game of the Golden Knights, the new ice hockey team calling Las Vegas home.

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FromBoothferryToGermany.com by James

James is the man behind FBTG, a football fan culture blog. It doesn’t matter whether you follow football or not as this isn’t about the football itself but the fans and how they shape society and express their views by supporting a team.

I like this blog as the tagline is something I can fully agree with:

“Football Culture Blog, Understanding The World 90 Minutes At A Time.”

That is why going to sports matches and seeing sports museums in 2017 has been fun for me. You can learn so much about a culture in real time when people are more vulnerable as their emotions flow up and down during a game.

James also dives into the history of the region on a deeper level than I ever would and writes about it within a football context. Interesting region if you ask me!

He also guest posted on Tiki Touring Kiwi in November writing about etiquette for tourists watching football in Europe.

One of my favourite posts on FromBoothferryToGermany is this one about the Boys of Straits, the supporter group for the Johor based football team.

Sports Where I Am by Sarah Faour

The Sports Where I Am website provides insider tips to help fans have the best sports experiences around the world. None of the countries they’ve details about have applied to me yet but I like the concept a lot!

I have enjoyed watching two of their bloggers Sarah, and her partner Juice soaking up the American sports scene. Even They’ve been going to various games around the country, and have made a bunch of cool short videos about their experiences at each of the stadiums.

If you’re looking for a real American experience watch this video of Tailgate Joe, a NY Jets life supporter.

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SportsRoadTrips.com by Sean

Sean is someone who knows exactly what he likes (attending sports venues) and posts consistently on his blog about that one thing (as in a week or two after returning home from a venue).

He isn’t as fussed so much about seeing the games themselves, but visiting as many different venues as possible. That translates to over 1000 posts over the last nine years with his total lifetime venue count at 767 (at time of writing)!

I like how his posts are the same format, with anecdotes, practical advice, and general observations from each experience with plenty of photos scattered in the post (p.s. if you read this Sean, would be awesome to see bigger photos).

Sean’s also a member of Club 123 meaning he has seen a home game in USA and Canada for all teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. Pretty impressive!

With so many posts to choose from, Sean’s trip to Las Vegas to see the Golden Knights in action is as good as any to start with. The easiest way to scan all his posts is to head to the first post from January each year where each game documented is on a schedule.

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TheRunnerBeans.com by Charlie

This is the newest blog I’ve started following out of the five. Charline is a runner! Given she is still studying at Uni (at the time of writing) I’m impressed with how she manages to maintain a blog about all her running adventures on top of uni AND training for a couple marathons each year.

I came across Charlies blog the day before I ran my first marathon earlier this month. Reading some of her posts gave me the confidence I could finish the race no worries (as well as knowing it’d be okay to pee the pants if need be). She is also on a mission to complete the big 6 marathons majors around the world. FWIW they are Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City.

That’s an awesome goal, would definitely like to do a couple of them in the future.

Why not read about Charlie’s race recap from the 2017 Boston Marathon?

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If you know of any other sports travel blogger out there, let everyone know in the comments below or message me on Facebook. They aren’t easy to find!

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