Last week I had to replace the LCD screen on my phone. That’s why I started researching how to carry a phone while running. Until now I’ve always been a hold phone in hand runner, but it’s time to look into new ideas.

What this post ISN’T: The one ultimate best way to carry your phone when running. There’s no correct answer as we’re all different.

What this post IS: A rundown of the 10 options I unearthed while trying to figure out my next option (probably option #2 and/or #3). I couldn’t find a post that had all the choices in on post.

broken screen

RIP broken screen

1. Hold It In Your Hand

The option I’ve been using up until now. Running with a phone your hand how Casey Neistat runs…if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. That until the sweat on my hands (damn you humidity in Southeast Asia) seeped into the cracks of my phone screen and made it come to a premature end. That was after the building frustration of not being able to unlock my phone due to the moisture from them.

If you’re going for shorter runs for less than 10km and the humidity isn’t crazy like 90%+ that I’ve been running in here, I’d still choose this option though I should look into phone cases for running.


  • No cost
  • Accessible
  • No need to worry if your phone is ‘still there’


  • Can get your headphones caught
  • Phone can slip out of your hand
  • Holding your phone alters your technique
  • Hard to work from when you’re super sweaty

2. Running Belts (& Fanny Packs)

palolem beach running

I sometimes run with a small tripod…to get photos like this

Running belts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some even look like a fanny pack. There seem to be two leading competitors in the running belt space, Flipbelt & SPIbelt. This seems like a good solution to me, we often wear belts day to day so it’s not an unusual feeling.


  • Multi-purpose
  • A belt is a normal piece of clothing
  • Lightweight


  • Can create shorter breaths if too tigh
  • Needs to be the right fit otherwise discomfort

3. Handheld Running Bottle

handheld water bottle

I have never seen these! They’re more than a bottle though, they come with a phone holder that usually has a zippered pocket. It’s like a 2-in-1 device which is great as I’m bad at keeping up my hydration levels. It looks like Nathan sell their product range in Malaysia so will be looking into that.


  • 2-in-1 function
  • Close to your hand so it’s accessible
  • Secure


  • Added weight of water bottle and phone on one wrist
  • Normally in a zippered pocket
  • Hard to brace for a fall

4. Arm Bands & Wrist Bands

Armbands were the original system used to solve peoples issue with knowing how to run with a phone. I’ve never been a fan as it feels so bulky (I’m not Mr. Muscles) so never tried one. If I did, my attitude towards them means they’d have no chance from the start. I’ve put wristbands in the same category here, though I’d favour a wristband over an armband for my phone while running…I think.


  • Out of the way
  • Avoids sweat issues
  • Flexibility to use in other scenarios (bike etc.)


  • Bounces a lot
  • Can be bulky with an awkward fit
  • Tricky to use phone while running

5. Running Watch

I’m in a constant source of broke life at the moment, so can’t afford a quality running watch at the moment. I’d be hesitant to get one anyway as I like the idea of everything being on my phone…one day. If you’re someone who is super focused, this


  • Sole purpose is for running
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Price
  • You might still want to take your phone
  • It’s another gadget

6. Compression Running Shorts with Pockets

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Above: running in swimming shorts isn’t my best idea ever but works for now.

My shorts were my initial excuse to avoid running for years.

“I can’t run, my phone will fall out of my pocket”.

The excuses we come up with…

If the shorts are loose fitting that could happen, but that isn’t likely if you’ve got compression shorts. I’ve had a search and I’m thinking of something along the lines of these compression running shorts with a pocket on the side. The pocket needs to be in the compressed section otherwise the phone bouncing around thing gets super annoying. It’d take a couple of days to get used to.


  • A natural fitting product
  • Compression shorts have added benefits


  • How secure the phone is
  • Compression shorts aren’t for everyone
  • Your upper leg is super active when running

7. Over The Shoulder Travellers Wallet

This one made me laugh when I read someone mentioned it. A travelers wallet goes under your clothes to keep your stuff protected (popular stocking stuffer). Lots of people use them when travelling not me though. While I’ve had one before never actually used it they aren’t comfortable for walking, let alone as a place to hold phone while running.


  • Lightweight
  • Hidden
  • Cheap


  • A lot of bouncing around
  • Not designed for running
  • Hard to access

8. A Camelbak And/Or Hydration Packs

This is a popular option, especially for those who run long distances. There are some small camelbaks that aren’t bulky, but I don’t like the feeling of a backpack. It’s rare for me to take a backpack exploring a new city for a day. The sweaty back doesn’t feel great. If you get really thirsty it’s a great option, and they usually come with a dedicated zipper pocket for your phone and keys when running.


  • Even spread of weight across your body
  • Purpose made


  • Sweaty back
  • Added bulk
  • Awkward drinking with a straw

9. Running Without Any Technology

man with glasses

An evening run in Melaka

If it isn’t recorded on Strava (add me on Strava)it doesn’t count right? I can’t see a future where I wouldn’t carry my phone when running.

10. Putting Your Phone In Your Sports Bra

I’m not going to comment on this as a lad, but I’d imagine the sweat would be unbearable?

Alright, so there are lots of things to hold your phone while running, but which one to use. I’m going to start out trying the handheld water bottles, then possibly a running belt. They seem to be a good balance of low cost, not too bulky, yet convenient enough.

So tell me, where do you put your phone when you run? What option appeals to you?