Does your bag look nicely packed before you start travelling?

After a few days, does your bag resemble a war zone?

If so, you aren’t alone. Luckily someone did something about it, packing cubes! In this post we review the best packing cubes for travel available on Amazon.

They are such a simple concept, but once you use packing cubes, you never go without.

*Note most brands have a variety of sets available beyond the set listed in each review.

Packing Cube Name
Sizing - medium cube (inches)
Shacke Packing Cubes13.75 x 9.75 x 4Unspecified NylonCheck Price
eBags Packing Cubes13.75 x 9.75 x 3Techlite Diamond nylonCheck Price
Amazon Basics Cubes 13.75 x 9.75 x 3PolyesterCheck Price
Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes10 x 7 x 3300D Poly Micro-WeaveCheck Price
Pro Packing Cubes13.75 x 9.75 x 3Rip-stop NylonCheck Price
Bago Packing Cubes13 x 8 x 3Nylon/Poly mixCheck Price
Rusoji Packing Cubes13.75 x 9.75 x 3.75'Durable fabric'Check Price

Packing Cubes Aren’t A Gimmick. Use Them Once And You’ll Become A Lifelong Fansaid every packing cube fan

Shacke Packing Cubes – Over 3500+ Reviews On Amazon

This is a 4 piece set. 1x extra large, 1x large, 1x medium, 1x small.

travelon packing envelopes

ShackePak Packing Cubes are one of several accessories under the Shacke brand. The California based company is a customer focused company who seek feedback to create innovative products. Their packing cubes were designed for shorter trips for everyone from 1- 10 days. Though they have been adopted by long term travellers too thanks to their lightweight.

The extra large cubes aren’t very practical for backpacks, but fit nicely in the majority of suitcases.

The nylon ShackePak uses is high quality, although some users have noticed it becomes worn after a few machine washes, stick to hand washing for maximum utility.

The YYK zippers ensure zips don’t get caught when you close the cubes despite the flimsy make up of the cubes if they aren’t fully packed.

Many people use packing cubes as a laundry bag. This is asking for disaster as clean clothes end up getting mixed with the dirty too easily. To solve this, they include a free laundry bag, genius!

When you receive your Shacke Pak packing cubes, register them online right away so the lifetime warranty applies (not that you should need it). You may also be eligible for a free gift, another packing cube and don’t forget to check out the tutorials if packing has always been a struggle for you.

Colours available: black/blue, gentleman’s blue, aqua teal, precious pink, orchid purple, mandarin orange

eBags Packing Cubes – They Know Travel

ebags best packing cubes for travel

This is a 3 piece set. 1x large, 1x medium, 1x small.

This set of packing cubes is from the mammoth online bag retailer, eBags. Since 1998 they’ve sold millions of baggage related travel items from well known retailers all over the world. In addition to selling products of leading retailers, they manufacturer a number of their items, including you guessed it, packing cubes which they actually describe as a packing aid!

eBags have gone all out with their 3 piece packing cube set. The Chinese made packing cubes are made from Techlite Diamond nylon, proven to hold up with heavy use. The bags are designed with double meshing enabling you too see what’s in the bag which can be hung thanks to the attached hoop. The double meshing is a nice touch, as a single layer often rips.

The bags are offered in 10 colours, and with well known zipper brand YYK on the case, you can zip the bags up easily without them getting jammed on the corners or catching the stitching.

Some say the product is flimsy making it hard to pack, but the flimsy isn’t a sign of low quality. They bags are lightweight and fold down to a very small tidy product that comes with a 100% lifetime warranty. As long as you place the cube on a flat surface when you start packing, you’ll have a sturdy cube in no time.

If you have a backpack, the large eBags packing cube isn’t the best for travel as it is almost too large. If you have a suitcase, the large cube fits fine. Great for heavy clothes in colder destinations.

Colours available: black, grasshopper, aquamarine, denim, raspberry, eggplant, titanium, peony, canary, tangerine

Amazon Basics – The Cheap Option

best packing cubes for travel amazon basics

This is the set of 4 medium cubes.

Amazon has jumped into manufacturing cheap packing cubes for travel. They are cheaper than most choices in this list, with the main difference being the polyester material rather than nylon.

One benefit of polyester is that the four pieces can be put into a machine wash, although they still aren’t suitable for a machine dryer.

They include the standard meshing on one side to enable you to see inside the packing cube.

The products are made in China and have a handle with a lower quality zip which gets jammed when zipping around the corners. Not ideal if you tend to be a bit rough with your property.

Your local supermarket likely has it’s own brand of food, usually the cheapest option. This is essentially what Amazon have done and while they quality isn’t nylon, they are still a solid set of luggage cubes.

Colours available: Black, blue, grey, green, red, sky blue.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set – Always Improving The Way Travel Works

travelon packing envelopes

This is a 3 piece set: 1x large, 1x medium, 1x small.

Eagle Creek entered the travel packing game in 1996. One of their popular offerings is the three piece packing cubes to help create organisation for those who like to keep moving. Interestingly, they also started their company in California.

Made in Vietnam with 300D Poly Micro-Weave material, the Eagle Creek packing cubes are smaller than other options, therefore are suitable for backpacks rather than suitcases.

Zippers, they are not the best such as TTK but get the job done.

With a return rate of less than 1%, they are happy offering their lifetime warranty to all customers.

Colours available: black, blue sea, red fire, fern green.

Pro Packing Cubes – The High Tech Packing Cubes

This is a 6 piece set: 2x large, 2x medium, 2x slim

pro packing cubes

Pro Packing Cubes bring the hype, stating they’re the most technologically advanced Travel Cubes on the market. They’ve tested their cubes with a variety of people in the adventure travel space, some of the fussiest packers.

Their packing cubes are made of UNIQUE ultra light and durable tip-stop nylon, with double YYK zippers. If you take it just from this previous sentence, the product is of vary high quality.

When people put too much stuff in packing cubes, the stitching tends to break first, so the reinforced seams are double stitched on the inside.

They offer a different set of cubes to the standard packing cubes for travel. With 1x large, 3x medium and 2x slim. The slim is not the usual small squares but more of an oblong which is suitable for shoes.

The products are made in China, but as you’ve seen the products are all about strength and convenience with the mesh tops double stitched.

The only gripe buyers seem to have is the rubber label, which adds unnecessary weight. Unless you are looking to scale Everest the difference of less than an ounce isn’t worth mentioning. If you weren’t too like these packing cubes, you can always utilize their 100% lifetime warranty.

p.s. check out the Amazon listing for discount codes for bulk buys.

Colours available: hot pink, aqua blue, graphite, silver, sunset orange

Bago Packing Cubes – Embracing Technology

bago packing cubes

This set 4 piece set contains: 2x large, 2x medium

The Bago Travel Bags brand strives to enhance the experience of each traveller with their lightweight, high tech baggage options.

They also understand a travellers needs, so when your four packing cubes arrive the added bonus of a plastic document holder is a nice touch.

The nylon bags are made with some segments of polyester which previous buyers appreciate as it helps the material stand up more when packing, yet folds down to pretty much nothing when not is use.

p.s. Keep an eye out for special discounts on packing cubes they have on their Amazon page.

p.p.s Make sure to register your products on their website, where you can get a free e-guide and are able to claim your 100% satisfaction guarantee if needed.

Colours available: Black, yellow, blue, orange, deep blue

Rusoji – No Frills Isn’t Always Bad

rusoji cheap packing cubes

This set contains 6 pieces: 2x large, 2x medium, 2x small.

Rusoji, haven’t got a strong presence like many of the other brands featured here but many like their packing organisers for low key travel with no bright colour choices.

The 6 piece set can be suitable for two people which is a bonus.

They don’t state the name of the material it is made out of which irrates people, but they do say it is a ‘durable fabric’. This likely means it is polyester and doesn’t have as long a life span as nylon.

If you do buy the packing cubes from Rusoji, make sure you hand wash them to have them last as long as possible. Especially the zipper, which without branding can break at a moments notice.

A nice feature is the handle is sewn into the seam for extra sturdiness with the heavier fabric not likely to rip.

Colours available: Blue, black, purple.

Packing Envelopes – They Are Not Packing Cubes

travelon packing envelopes

Note: These are not packing cubes! I added these here as they were listed under packing cubes and can be a good addition to your travel gear but shouldn’t be used as cheap travel cubes.

These 7 packing envelopes from Travelon are made of 100% polyvinyl chloride, in basic terms, plastic. While they are water resistant, they aren’t very malleable making them great for documents and small toiletries but once bigger items go in, they lose their shape right away.

Best suited for documents, although zip lock bags are just as effective.

Buyers Guide: Common Questions And Benefits Of Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes Are Not Compression Cubes

Packing cubes will save the majority of people space in their bag. But you can’t get all of the air out of them so they still require some packing skills in order to use them properly. You can always level up your packing skills with a quick search on YouTube.

It’s a common question, are packing cubes compression cubes. If you want compression cubes, you will need to search for something that is vacuumed sealed which can be a lot more of a pain when you’re travelling.

Biggest Packing Cube Benefit: Organising

The main reason for travelling with packing cubes is to keep your luggage organised. You might think you can keep your luggage organised while travelling having packed your bag perfectly before you leave. The reality? It takes a lot of effort to maintain a tidy backpack or suitcase.

The best packing cubes will ensure you can pack everything (at least the majority) of your gear into them. They all have a mesh panel to help you look into what you have in each case.

Bonus Benefit Of The Best Packing Cubes For Travel: They Fit In Draws

When you get to your hotel or dorm room (assuming it has draws) simply take your packing cell from your luggage and pop it into the draws in seconds.

Packing Cubes Collapse To Nothing

It doesn’t matter which brand you buy, packing cubes pretty much never have any wire or plastic in them. This means they’ll fold down flat when there is nothing in them. When you aren’t using them they are going to take up valuable storage, bonus. Just don’t forget where you left them!

Want to maximise your comfort on a flight? Consider buying compression socks.
Click here to view Jub’s review of the best compression socks for travel.

Cruise Through Customs

While TSA gets a bad wrap, the truth is you can get stopped by customs anywhere in the world. Rather than having to hastily get everything out of your bag then attempt to stuff it back in (and expose your dirty washing to all), packing cubes allow you to elegantly let customs officials sort through your baggage.

Packing Cubes For Suitcases Vs. Backpacks

All travel packing cubes can be used for both, but the large ones can often be too large to fit comfortably into backpacks given their shape. This varies with every situation of course, but in general those travel with backpacks should look to use small and medium packing cubes. For suitcase travelers, whichever you think you’ll find the most useful is best.

If you really can’t decide, a lot of people buy two different sets. When they arrive, choose the best travel packing cubes for you and repurpose the other set as a travel gift for a loved one. They might not be wow’ed at the present, but they will use it!

Like to bring lots of shoes on your travels? Slim packing cubes are for you.

Do Packing Cubes Equal Wrinkle Free Clothing?

This is a bit of a myth. The packing cubes don’t suddenly make your clothes wrinkle free. However if you pack the cubes tightly with your clothes either folded or rolled the more wrinkle free they’ll be. Alternatively, you can always just buy some wrinkle free spray – apparently it exists!


At a glance, cheap packing cubes and expensive packing cubes look similar. And really, there isn’t much of a difference. They are roughly the same size, offer a selection of colours and have a mesh panel on top. If you think yuou’ll be using them sporadically, cheapest cubes should be fine.

On the other hand, if you travel frequently, it’s likely worth spending a few dollars more to buy premium cells like the Pro ones. They’ll last longer, and with a 100% lifetime guarantee, at worst you can get new ones for free!

They are a pretty sweet, one time only investment in your travel gear.

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