We Kiwi’s like to have a bit of a laugh. Whether that’s at ourselves, friends, or others who happen to get stuck in unfortunate situations.

When overseas, people often mention one of the funny videos they’ve watched when I mention I’m from New Zealand. The videos have left a last impression on them which is great, and I think they all portray New Zealand in a good light.

This is a post including short videos I recommend you watch before visiting New Zealand. They’ll *touchwood* make you laugh/smile and give you an insight into our humour and culture, which can take time to adjust to after arriving.

1. The Beached Whale

This is the first video in a series a few Aussies put together to take the piss out of the New Zealand accent and slang. The videos went viral and they produced 20+ episodes including some for a nationally broadcast TV station. You can watch all episodes here.

2. The Banned Deck Commericals

I didn’t know there were three of these adverts before writing this! They’re absolutely brilliant and highlights our accent. They were launched as a TV campaign in 2013, only to be banned soon after. But thanks to social media the ads went viral internationally and Schaffer’s no doubt benefitted from the sales of the product being promoted (deck sealant). Unfortunately, the company closed down, but the true legacy will always remain online.

3. How To Dad Instructional Videos

How to Dad a.k.a. Jordan Watson has so many awesome videos (he posts a video almost every week), it’s hard to choose a favourite. The majority of the videos will be as you expect, baby related (in a fun humorous way), but given this post focuses on the travel aspect I felt the video above is more appropriate. He also has other editions of this video type (vs the USA, vs Canada, vs England, etc).

4. The Bugger Commercial

This ad was launched by Toyota way back in 1999, well before YouTube was founded. Thankfully it is still online. It’s a short one, and a good example of how we are happy to laugh at our own misfortunes.

5. Always Blow On The Pie

Some great dead-pan humour in this video from a policeman. This clip was shown on a New Zealand TV Show, Police Ten 7, and the clip quickly went viral. If you’re thinking the fella on the TV is getting a fruit pie, that’s not it. Our pies are meat pies and as they’re a part of Kiwi culture, this helped the clip go viral. Brilliant.

6. Ghost Chips

Attempting to deter drunk people from getting behind the wheel has never been easy, with advertising agencies trying all sorts of creative ways to get the message through to Kiwis. Unfortunately, some demographics were more resistant to the message. This ad was targetting young Maori drivers, and the humour struck a chord with not only young Maori, but the entire country and the agency and Clemenger BBDO wons awards thanks to its success.

Whether or not the ad influenced peoples decisions, I’m not sure (couldn’t find any solid data), but this is a great bit of Kiwi humour.

7. Conchords Business Time

Thank you America. Thank you for making the Flight of the Conchords massive, and eventually popularising them at scale back in New Zealand. Bret and Jermaine are the musicians at the face of the show, and combined with their comedic aspect they are certainly unique! This is one of the most famous songs on their album Flight of the Conchords (2008).

I hope that was an enjoyable 18 minutes and 26 seconds (if you watched all of the videos).

What to read next? Here’s some Kiwi slang you’ll likely hear often in New Zealand.