Putrajaya isn’t exactly a tourist destination. 30km south of Kuala Lumpur, it’s a planned city hosting many Federal buildings.

But let’s forget about the paper shufflers and talk about kayaking in Putrajaya (on Putrajaya Lake).

man in kayak

Looking at them huge arms…

Putrajaya may be an administrative city, but it isn’t dense…a nice break from the hustle of Kuala Lumpur. Putrajaya Lake is a 650 hectares man-made lake crisscrossing the city. One interesting purpose of the lake is its function as a natural cooling system.

Although it doesn’t exactly keep you cool when kayaking. I didn’t realise it was possible until my friends living in Cyberjaya suggested we go. So the four of us set off to Putrajaya Recreation Centre.

The recreation centre isn’t exactly a thriving place. There’s a shit load of open space waiting for another couple hundred thousand people to move here (for real).

mosque by lake

You can’t get close to the mosque when kayaking. At least we couldn’t!

The kayak rentals were 10 MYR/hour (2.55 USD), and with no guide or instructions, you can do whatever you want (more or less). There are markers in place you aren’t supposed to cross, but there’s a lot of room and a couple of small islands.

The kayaks? They were in decent condition, and you’re given life jackets if you want them. On most days there will be no swell so it’s a great place for kayaking noobs beginners. The only issue might be the size of your group as there didn’t seem to be a tonne (definitely less than 1000) of kayaks available.

The water isn’t the best colour you’ll ever see but the attached wetlands do keep the lake free of pollutants. From what I understand, there are other water sports available around the lake too.

I enjoyed zipping around for an hour. I couldn’t believe how sweaty I got though…it may cool the city, but the lake definitely didn’t cool me down. For 10 RM, you can’t argue with the value and if you’re a kayaking fan or want to do something random, kayaking in Putrajaya is worth it.

Putrajaya Kayaking FAQ

Where is the Putrajaya Lake Recreation Centre? If you go here, you’ll see the shed with the kayaks and a small cafe.

How to get to Putrajaya Lake? Kuala Lumpur is a massive city (I assume you’re coming from there) so if you have a car, that’s easiest. There are public transit options which Google Maps makes insanely easy with the details of which train/bus to get!

Cost? 10 MYR/kayak/hour (I’ve said it three times now, please don’t ask how much it is in the comments). You could try to negotiate a better deal. An hour is about the right amount of time to enjoy yourself.