Shoutout to Charlie for the inspiration for this post. As a stereotypical lad, I’m not big on opening up, but let’s see how this goes.

By the time we are on the fourth beer…

– I’d have a whinge about how my meditation practice has faded away post-Vipassana Meditation course. On the last couple of days of the course, they started talking about continuing our practice. I assumed it would be easy. I guess the Polish guy I was chatting too on the last day was right…he had come back to complete his second 10-day course as he fell out of a routine a couple months after the course. I’m going to recommit myself to 20 minutes a day from today…anyone want to hold one another accountable?

– I have been committed to reading lots though. So far this year I’ve read 18-ish books (mostly sports books)? A PB for sure. My favourite so far is Running For My Life by Lopez Lomong, an American Olympian born in Sudan. It’s about his epic story of escaping a war, growing up in a refugee camp, landing in America at 16, and achieving his goals all with some great humour in there (that awkward moment when you think you’re on a bus, but it’s actually a plane).

– At least books are affordable! That’s my transition into saying budget travel is wearing on me a little. I enjoy the hostels, long bus rides, eating at cheap restaurants, and walking everywhere. The only thing that gets me is not being able to make it to some last minute events that I want to see. I saw the Singapore 7’s were on the night before they were starting. I could have caught an overnight bus to watch them…but tickets were well over $100/day. My cash flow can’t afford $200+ dollars on a random weekend at short notice. Also, it’d be cool to be able to fly to Russia for a few days to watch some of the World Cup next month (or even France for the French Open next week)!

man wearing sunglasses

I went and got a headband today. It’s always north of 80% humidity in KL and when I run my headphones are no much for my sweaty ears. Hopefully this will hold the headphones in place

– I’d let you know my 2018 theme is going great. The theme? Catch up with existing friends as much as possible. It’s not that I don’t like meeting new people, but it’s always awesome to be able to skip the inevitable small talk. Here in KL, I’ve met up with a few people, it’s a good city to catch people given it’s an AirAsia hub.

– Speaking of small talk, I still have to be so conscious when I’m talking with non-native speakers. Despite hardly being back in New Zealand for five years, I’ve still got the talking speed, the slang, and the accent of a kiwi and based off this video it’s no wonder some people think I’m from another planet.

– Yessss, New Zealand. I’ll be back in June or July which is exciting but also scary. The scary part is irrational, but I’m looking forward to spending a couple months in and around Wellington (Hey NZ peeps, no promises regarding these last two sentences!)

– Ahh, and the blog. Still a bit all over the show with this…but slowly getting to a focus on where I want to be. Slowly. Of course, I want it to be a sports orientated travel blog and I’m getting closer and closer to that goal on a consistent basis.