Travel often? Then you’ll know getting into a fitness routine isn’t easy.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me most of the 13 excuses you’ll read below are weak. Let’s be honest, you’ve got your weak excuses you use regularly too.

running sarajevo

My first run on the ‘comeback’ in Sarajevo

I’ve come up with all sorts of excuses for not getting my A(ss) into G(ear) and putting in the reps. Whether I’m jumping from place to place or staying put for a couple months, it’s the same excuses.

For a select few (<10%?), getting in regular exercise when travelling is no problem. If that's you, congrats. We all wish to be the 10% though, right?

After years of excuses for not working out or exercising because of travel, I’ve turned a corner. With eight runs in the last 19 days in six different cities and three countries, I hope to continue this little routine I’ve established.

I ran for 40 minutes in Saranda, Albania today. While judging everyone enjoying their sunset beer, I thought about the excuses I’ve used in the past to avoid going for a run.

I’ve gotten creative with a few, that’s for sure.

The 13 Excuses I’ve Used At Least Three Times

And some attempted sarcasm.

    kotor running

    Running on a windy day in Kotor, Montenegro

  • It’s too hot. Because you have to run in the hotest part of the day.
  • There are organised sports nearby. Because I’ve played Ultimate four times this year.
  • Too many dogs. Because they’ll eat me. And I like cats.
  • Running clothes smell. Alright, this one I struggle with. Embrace the stench?
  • There’s no time. Because I haven’t watched an hour of YouTube videos already today.
  • There’s have no race to train for. Because everything in life is a competiton.
  • Money is my only motivator. Because only amateurs run for health/recreational purposes.
  • Drunk too much the night before. Because no one has ever runs hungover.
  • This city is confusing. Because that would mean maybe ending up running around the block 73 times.
  • Hiking yesterday, hiking tomorrow. Because hiking three days on the trot is crazy.
  • Phone’s dead. Because you must record every run or it didn’t happen.
  • Already been walking for ages. Because doing both isn’t possible.
  • Don’t have shoes. Because no one ever travels with shoes AND sandals.


For those who have travelled for an extended period of time I’m guessing you’ve used a few of these weak excuses.

There’s no excuses to put aside an hour a day. I really should get up once my eyes are open, dogs be damned.

YOUR TURN: Time to spill the beans. Let me know in the comments below (or message me on FB) any brilliant excuses you’ve come up with.

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