Growing up in windy Wellington even the best travel umbrella rarely stands a chance. Any time the rain came, inevitably there’d be wind and the and rubbish bins would soon be full of broken umbrellas.

Luckily most of the world isn’t like Wellington and most travel umbrellas will last a long time.

What to look for in a good travel umbrella:

  • Lightweight. As it will be going everywhere with you.
  • Small and compact. You will want the brolley to fit in your bag/pack when not in use.
  • Durable. It needs to be able to withstand reasonably strong winds and rain. No one likes wet socks.

  • The Three Best Travel Umbrella’s (out of seven)

    Travel Umbrella
    Canopy Diameter
    Folded Size
    Check Amazon
    Repel Dupont Umbrella (best)42 inches11.5 inches15 ozCheck Price
    Kolumbo Travel Umbrella35.5 inches12.4 inches10.6 ozCheck Price
    Procella Travel Umbrella42 inches10.8 inches13.6 ozCheck Price

    The above three umbrellas all have a lifetime guarantee.

    Repel DuPont Teflon Travel Umbrella

    dupont teflon umbrella


    • folded size: 11.5 inches
    • total weight: 15 oz
    • canopy size: 42 inches

    The name sounds like something from the future and it has the technology to back it up. Rather than the traditional eight ribs, they’ve gone with nine to be more wind dynamic.

    The Dupont Teflon coated canopy is available in six colours and dries instantly ensuring no mould builds up when you pop the brolly in the sleeve for months at a time.

    While it has a lifetime guarantee, you might like to utilise the discount codes to buy a travel umbrella for friends. The perfect, practical stuffing filler.

    Kolumbo Travel Umbrella – UltraSlim WindMaster

    Kolumbo Travel Umbrella


    • folded size: 12.4 inches
    • total weight: 10.6 oz
    • canopy size: 35.5 inches

    The Kolumbo Travel Umbrella is the sturdiest of the umbrellas that have gone through rigirous testing in labs and the great outdoors. It can withstand winds of up to 55 mph!

    The frame is a unique combination of premium fibreglass and stainless steel materials which allows a rust free life and reliability (lifetime guarantee to back it up). The pongee material was chosen for the canopy as it actually repels the water and is lighter than polyester.

    Available in 10 different colours, it’s worth checking out the discount codes on the Amazon page. Imagine getting together with friends and making synchronised umbrella videos with the one second one hand operation….

    Procella Travel Umbrella – Best Compact Umbrella

    procella travel umbrella


    • folded size: 10.8 inches
    • total weight: 13.6 oz
    • canopy size: 42 inches

    The Procella travel umbrella comes in four colour options and has the usual one button open and close (standard) and includes a lifetime guarantee.

    The all fibreglass frame is reinforced thanks to the double canopy which helps the umbrella remain in good condition in winds up to 46 mph. Given the small size and weight, this is the best small umbrella if size is what matters most to you.

    Vumos Travel Umbrella

    vumos travel umbrella


    • folded size: 11.8 inches
    • total weight: 12 oz
    • canopy size: ~43 inches

    The Vumos Travel Umbrella comes in two colours and is packaged nicely in a waterproof case for extra style points. The black metal shaft is frame with fiberglass ribs which has proven to handle medium force (a.k.a wind) over the years in addition to being lightweight.

    The canopy is made of pongee (woven silk) that repel waters so the umbrella simply needs a shake or two when it’s been raining and it’ll be dry right away.

    The ergonomic hand is made of rubber therefore won’t slip while remaining reasonably comfortable.

    Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    Lewis N. Clark Compact & Lightweight Travel Umbrella

    travelon packing envelopes


    • folded size: 11 inches
    • total weight:10 oz
    • canopy size: 38 inches

    The Lewis N. Clark brolly is the most compact travel umbrella in the list.

    Available in five colour options it can pop open and shut with one button push but can only handle winds up to ~30 mph which is on the lower end of the list. This can be okay for most locations, but depending on where you’ll be travelling with your umbrella you may or may not be suitable.

    The polyester canopy is mildew-resistant & quick drying which is okay as the sleeve it comes with is mold-resistant so you don’t need to fuss about getting every single drop off.

    The centre shaft is made of steel and while it states the ribs are made of durable metal it isn’t clear exactly what metal. It is the lightest one here though, whether that makes it the best lightweight umbrella is tough though as the difference is ulimately small.

    Plemo Black Automatic Folding Umbrella Compact Travel Business Windproof Umbrellas, Auto Open and Close (Classic)

    compact travel umbrella


    • folded size: 11.5 inches
    • total weight: 11.4 oz
    • canopy size: 37 inches

    Personally, I don’t like the the Plemo umbrella (black only). Sure it has a anti-slip rubber grip & come with the standard open and closing system and carrier sleeve but the rest of the details are vague.

    The construction? We only know it has a ‘strong center pole and durable ribs’.
    The canopy? 210T high-density, water-repellent water which while sounds great doesn’t exactly tell us what it is.

    The canopy is a different shape with a deeper bowl which is a personal preference. It really isn’t suitable for two people.

    Amazon Basics Automatic Travel Umbrella

    amazon basics umbrella for travel


    • folded size: 11 inches
    • total weight: 14 oz
    • canopy size: ~37 inches

    Amazon continue to produce travel accessories that are cheap but effective. The Black Automatic Travel Umbrella auto open and close button works with gusto and thankfully there’s a sleeve included making it portable as you’d expect.

    The handle is soft which can be a bit yuck when it gets wet but it’s a small inconvenience. There’s also a loop at the end to pop over your wrist if you please.

    Whether you choose the umbrella with the wind vent is going to be a personal choice. If you don’t, then don’t be surprised when a gust leaves you looking for the closest trash can.

    There we go, seven travel umbrella reviews laid out before you. As I said earlier, the three in the table are by far the best. Happy travels!