To create a waterfall you need a river & elevation. Fortunately for you and me most countries in the world have some form of mountains and every country besides Saudi Arabia has a river. Therefore we get to chase waterfalls all over the world. And they all are so different, from the graceful Lombok Waterfalls to the roaring Rhine Falls.

It wasn’t until our tour of Lombok waterfalls I realised how awesome waterfalls are. Here are five of the favourites I’ve seen around the world and a few I would like to see in the future.

1 & 2. Sindang Gila & Tiu Kelep (Best Of Lombok Waterfalls), Indonesia

waterfalls lombok

Double decker waterfall!

Sindang Gila was the the first stop on our Lombok waterfall tour. The awesomeness for me is it’s defined double decked-ness.

The hike is comfortable and while it’s not really suitable for swimming there you can comfortable spend time here taking some sweet photos and have a nice picnic surrounded by the beautiful Lombok nature.

Keep an eye out for monkeys too!

lombok waterfalls

Stunning! (and somewhat cold)

Tiu Kelep waterfall is another 30 minutes hike from Sindang Gila waterfall involving two shallow water crossings and walking over an aquaduct enroute to the second of these awesome Lombok Waterfalls.

Once you scramble over the last few boulders (good practice for climbing Mount Rinjani) you’re greeted by a waterfall that resembling a cenote. I went for a swim here, and apparently, it makes you more youthful! Considering I swam in Lake Baikal earlier this year I should be in for a long life.

The awesome part about Tiu Kelep waterfall is the powerful spout shooting out over the rest of the falls making it my favourite waterfall in Lombok.


3. Bua Thong Sticky Waterfall, Thailand

sticky waterfall chiang mai

Waterfall so sticky!

Officially the Bua Thong Waterfall, people refer to this waterfall as the Sticky Waterfall. It gets this name because you can run up the waterfall, literally.

It’s something to do with the limestone being washed off the rocks. I’ve been to the sticky waterfalls a few times, mainly to take people who haven’t been before.

It’s gaining in popularity, hopefully they don’t ruin the whole experience to make a fast buck from tourists.

4. Rhine Falls, Switzerland

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On our two week road trip around Western Europe this year, one of our best evenings was spent at Switzerland’s Rhine Waterfall.

The sheer width of the waterfall was incredibly, roughly 150 metres wide with no ‘weak spot’ in the waterfall. The various view points are epic, allowing you to get very close to the action.

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Record Holder: Europe’s Largest Water

5. Huka Falls, New Zealand

It’s been a few years since I went to Huka Falls though I still remember them vividly. I’m not sure if anyone has attempted to kayak down the falls recently but we used to marvel at the craziness of a few who attempted.

You can take the Huka Jet which takes you near the base of the falls giving you another view of how powerful waterfalls are.

Record Holder: The largest waterfall on the Waikato River & New Zealand’s most visited natural attraction.

Waterfall Bucket List

There’s of course the famous Niagara Waterfall (Canada/USA), Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe) and the Iguazu Falls (Brazil/Argentina).

Four other unique waterfalls I want to visit are:

Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

Sutherland Falls flowing from Lake Quill, high up in Fiordland - Imgur

Photo credit onelidlesseye

I haven’t explored much of New Zealand, especially the South Island. The Sutherland Falls are near the Milford Track. Will have to explore the South Island in the next few years.

Bigar Cascade Falls, Romania

Located in Romania, where I had planned to spend a bit of time in the European summer.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls, Venezuela - Imgur

photo credit donks

Venezuela is considered a ‘dangerous country’ to travel in, but I bet these Angel Falls would be peaceful and a piece of comfort for many.

Gullfoss, Iceland

Thanks to a couple airlines providing good stop overs in Iceland between North America and Europe, Iceland has seen a surge in tourism. The rugged landscapes are dispersed with waterfalls through out. The Gullfoss is one of the most popular on the tourist trail.

It wasn’t until the recent trip to the Lombok waterfalls that I started thinking about waterfalls more and how unique and different they are. What are some of your favourite waterfalls you want to see and have seen before? (tag me in your photos @tikitouringkiwi on Instagram)