Useful Travel Apps

Work in progress.There are plenty of people out there who make imaginary app lists out there thanks to Google without testing them out for reals. This page will only have apps that are on my phone and have been for at least a few months. They also gotta get used regularly.


I think I was in Cambodia at the time when someone recommended this beaut. While I often get a sim card for whatever country I am in, it’s not always possible. With you can download maps for whatever country you are in before arriving then you get access to the maps offline. You are able to pin places on the map and edit them as you please so they make more sense to you as well. This app was not as good as Google Maps for Russia but it is equal if not better than both of them for South East Asia and Europe from what I have experienced. It also doesn’t give you the best walking routes, but you are big enough and ugly enough to work it out. Have recommended this app to plenty of people.


We have all herd of Kindle but if you don’t have one, you can still read books on the iPhone app. While it isn’t for everyone I have read 30+ books from my phone and have no issues. The phone battery does not drain much at all if you have the dimness down and we all know we should make the most of 10 minutes down time we have here and there. No excuses, fight the resistance!

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet has been on my phone for well over a year now but thanks to technical issues I’ve never been able to purchase it fully. That changed last night when I finally got sick of putting costs in my notes app that I will never collate properly. I tried a bunch of apps and by far the most suitable for travellers is Trail Wallet. Made for travellers by travellers, a no-brainer I guess.


These guys know waddup. Simple and easy to use this no frills app will ensure you never forget that ever important country total but also motivates you too keep travelling the world. Just 91% more countries to go for me. Got this.

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