Poland, initially I thought of the country as a place ‘I’ll go….cause it’s on the way’. Turns out, Warsaw and Poland, in general, is awesome.

From the moment I got off the Polski Bus at 8 am I was in a state of happiness in Warsaw. For a city of two million people, I wasn’t sure what to do in Warsaw, but thanks to the parks in Warsaw which you can find everywhere, I had a blast.

Here is a guide to eight parks in Warsaw and the best activities each is suited for.

Wicked afternoon exploring a bunch of parks around #Warsaw today. Each one seemed to attract a different crowd.

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Park Ujazdowski (Ujazdów Park)

This was the first park I visited. Lining a main road, it is a quick escape with bean bags providing the perfect reading spot. Personally I chose to read and do my meditation here.

GPS Coordinates: 52.221898 21.030542

Reason to visit: Quick break from city, meditation and reading.

It’s also close to Legia Warsaw football stadium.

Park Lazienkowski (Royal Baths Park)

The focal point of Royal Bath Gardens

The focal point of Royal Bath Gardens

Royal Bath Gardens Statue

Royal Bath Gardens Statue

I walked here in the evening hoping to catch an epic sunset. The trees blocked those wishes but twilight here was still worthy. The park is in immaculate condition with a few key monuments and structures scattered throughout. Walking along the river is perfect for a wee romantic walk; if you don’t mind some fitness freaks running by.

GPS Coordinates: 52.212579 21.03393

Reason to visit: Romantic (or non-romantic) sunset strolls, some photo opportunities and some evening fitness.

Pole Mokotowskie (Mokotow Field)

Warsaw field park

Not a bad spot to stumble upon

I stumbled across this park accidentally. Seeing fields on the map I assumed they were just sports field but I am glad I got lost. This park is spot on for those who want to play some sporting activities requiring some space in Warsaw (Ultimate Frisbee) in open spaces with flowers and trees bordering the field.

GPS Coordinates: 52.212016 20.997349

Reason to visit: Sports, sunbathing, long exploration walks.

Park. Jozef Pilsudski (Health Park)

Health park lake

Health park lake

Located right next to Mokotow Field, I was now doubly glad I got lost. There was less open space compared to it’s neighbour but with a large lake it was popular for those with dogs eager for a dip on the hot summers day.

GPS Coordinates: 52.214375 21.010781

Reason to visit: Sunbathing, taking your dog for a walk, reading.

Ogród Saski (Saxon Garden)

The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior is the big drawcard at this Warsaw park, a 5 – 10 minutes walk from the Old City. The park has a pond and a very impressive fountain as well and attracted a lot of people on their lunch break while I was there.

GPS Coordinates: 52.240579 21.008405

Reason to visit: A great spot to have lunch before or after the Free Walking Tour around Old Town.

Park Szczęśliwicki

Gondola Park Warsaw

Gondola Park Warsaw, lake views

This was the furtherest walk I had from my hostel taking just over an hour to make it back after getting lost on the way – via the fields (still not sure where I went wrong). The lake was stunning with chairs spaced around the lake. There is a gondola that will take you to the top of the hill but the walk is easy enough for anyone to conquer, though I could not find the entrance to the very top which was a bit frustrating.

GPS Coordinates: 52.205298 20.959382

Reasons to Visit: You want to walk up a hill (162m elevation!), have a swim in the pool, want to stretch the legs outside of downtown Warsaw.

Park Kazimierzowski (Casimir Park)

Park Kazimierzowski

Entrance to Park Kazimierzowski

Park Kazimierzowski

Meditation spot at Park Kazimierzowski

This was a smaller park suitable for those who work near the riverside. Great for families to as it was not overly popular. My meditation here was perfect in front of the lily padded lake, reminding me of meditating at Buntzen Lake in Vancouver.

GPS Coordinates: 52.241311 21.02131

Reasons to Visit: Family time, mediation

University of Warsaw Gardens

Univerisity of Warsaw gardens

Me at Univerisity of Warsaw ‘summit’

University of Warsaw Garden Tunnel

University of Warsaw Garden Tunnel


Look Back Over University of Warsaw Gardens

I stumbled across this area while trying to get to the river. I seemingly got stuck, eventually realising there is only one entry and exit! Some interesting contours and the use of the buildings is cool and reminds me of seeing Hobbitland pictures from back home.

GPS Coordinates: 52.243314 21.024175

Reasons to Visit: Relaxing, getting a view of the river, detour from the nearby museum.

The rooftop garden above the Museum by the gardens is a cool spot too (free to go up)

best parks in warsaw

Rooftop Garden Warsaw

What To Do In Warsaw

Big cities can be pretty overwhelming at times as you navigate the concrete jungles trying to figure out what to do in Warsaw. The parks in Warsaw are plentiful and do a wicked job of transporting you away from the day to day sounds of large cities, big ups to the Warsaw Parks Department. Make sure to visit a few on your next visit to Warsaw.