New Zealand Travel Resources

The following are the various resources you’ll start to refer to as you plan your travels around New Zealand. Become familiar with the names, and it’ll save you a bit of time when you come to booking places.


The best hotel and hostel booking provider for accommodation in New Zealand we feel is with a large range and prices that are usually the cheapest. If you want to compare Booking versus other aggregate search providers, check out Hotels Combined.

Airbnb exists in New Zealand for those who enjoy that, and Kiwi House Sitters is a great site too.

Ride Sharing

It took a while to gain traction in New Zealand, but is now a common means of transport.

Domestic Airlines

These are the two airlines that provide lots of flights relative to everyone else. Though some routes are served by smaller airlines like Sounds Air.

Bus Companies

These four companies can take you to most towns and/or cities in New Zealand.

Cook Strait Ferries

They’re both so similar. Book with whichever is the best timewise for your desired sailing (the price difference is usually minimal).

Local Sim Card Provider

We recommend Skinny Mobile for all travellers to New Zealand. You can pick on up for cheap and with an easy to use app, you know exactly where you stand with your credit at all times.

We write more about Skinny mobile as well as share a bonus code so you can get 1GB of free credit in this post.

Apps To Download

These are the apps we recommend you download to help your trip in New Zealand (not all will be applicable):

  • CamperMate
  • iTravelNZ
  • Skinny Mobile
  • Grabaseat
  • Trail Wallet (iPhone) or TravelSpend (Google Play)

You can read the full post here.

Travel Insurance

Personally, I use Safety Wing when I’m travelling, but it might not be the best travel insurance for you when travelling. Why?

If you’re planning on being in an ATV, going white-water rafting, or paragliding while in New Zealand, you won’t be covered for any injury occurred during these activities.

In short, read the small print on any travel insurance you’re planning to buy.

At this stage, we don’t recommend any specific travel insurance provider for travellers to New Zealand.

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